Integrating Processors and Reconfigurable Logic

Several research efforts have begun to look at the issues associated with coupling processors and reconfigurable logic on a single die. On this page, we collect pointers into the various efforts.

To see this in context, see the relevant lecture slides from CS294-6: Reconfigurable Computing:

This summary is intentionally limited to systems which tightly couple the processor and the reconfigurable array resources -- mostly focusing on cases where the two are integrated on the same die.

See Steve Guccione's list of FPGA-based Computing Machines, for a more general collection of FPGA-based computing computing machines.

See Scott Hauck's ``The Roles of FPGAs in Reprogrammable Systems'' for an in depth review of many, contemporary, multi-FPGA systems.

Before we had modern FPGA technology, a few early pioneers were already exploring the benefits of these mixed processor and programmable logic systems.

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